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WEC is World Entertainment Company spa.

Its business project is to give life to the most important entertainment group in Italy (also with strong international branching), grasping the activities of many other important companies:

WEC offices are located in Italy (Milano and Modena), USA (Orlando and Los Angeles), Hungary (Budapest).
The group deals with theatre, dance, comedian, musical, corporate events, classical music in all its aspects, opera, and all other musical genres (pop, jazz, crossover, world music, gospel).

Il Gruppo

BAGS ENTERTAINMENT was founded in 2011. It deals with theatrical, musical and dance productions, and offers a qualified press office for show business. The agency was conceived from the outset as an enterprise capable of competing in an evolving international market.
 Bags Corporate is the working group specialized in creating entertaining performances for public, team building and corporate events.

BAGS LIVE is the company that manages the most important productions of the Group, such as Newsies (Disney musical); Cats in its original version with orchestra; Cinecittà by Christian De Sica; Aeros with the choreography of David Parsons, Daniel Ezralow and Moses Pendleton; Sleeping Beauty by Matthew Bourne. Moreover, shows by Imperial Ice Stars: Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty.

Studiomusica handles the production and organization of concerts and shows, represents and manages both Italian and foreign musicians and composers within Italy and the world, and creates events and special projects. It has been a very dynamic company, which in a very short time has become an important point of reference in the field of classical music and crossover.

ALLOPERA was founded in 2014 to create a mobile opera house and a new Theatre Company which originated from a desire to take the highest quality opera to places where there are no theatres, in historical squares and most beautiful places.

The aim of this project is also to spread opera throughout the world as an example of Italian culture and beauty.

Thanks to the collaboration born with RETROPALCO, WEC has started to manage the activity of an important symphonic orchestra - Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana - and its publishing department Sconfinarte, which has become a national reference to the contemporary music editions. More than 200 composers publish with our editions and we have a catalog of more than 1000 pieces.

Some of our projects

“Imagination creates reality.”
Richard Wagner


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